It was the worst I've ever felt in my life, worse than the deaths of people very close to me.Personally, I've had interesting side effects such as delayed visual color processing hallucinations - I was sat at a traffic light and watched it go from red to green... then, as I drove away, I saw the light again - changing from red to green in my field of view.The second time I tried it, after three months of general fog and confusion, it peaked with problems with working set memory that onset incredibly quickly over the course of 30 minutes - I could only retain three words when comparing two pieces of text.I drove home fast.
We did that with 3 or 4 meds, all the while I was getting worse, not better.

Some patients say it helps with their depression and they found that they worried less. But it is my personal experience that Modafinil doesn't give me that amped up anxious feeling.

If I hadn't stopped so early maybe it would have become permanent.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castPress J to jump to the feed. Re-Edit: Yes. doc. Medications can affect people in … Sometimes I think he's full of shit, but it's true if I have more than a small amount of caffeine I get anxious and that anxiety gets stronger as the day goes on.However, it's much better than every SSRI I ever tried for depression.Haha sometimes I think he's full of shit. The first week was great, the mental fog was gone.

Zyban. 1/3 of my usual amount.Edit: Is it possible to knock out Dopamine beta-monooxygenase? I had to stop because of chest pains.

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I felt energized, motivated and got a lot of stuff done.

Id' rather be depressed off Wellbutrin than lose anymore hair, because the …

I have loss 1/3 of my hair, and enough was enough. for me it's a good drug--i do feel more motivated i guess.Don't mean to scare you because it is rare but I had a seizure when I was on Welbutrin and it surprised me recently when I has being hospitalized how many poeple tell me they had seizures while taking it also so now I don't know what to think.

Bupropion (Zyban brand, generic bupropion) may be used to relieve cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal during smoking cessation.

The site may not work properly if you don't If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit Press J to jump to the feed. lol thats funny but also sorry to hear that I hate when I can't trust a shrink.

It took me 7 weeks to start responding. Wellbutrin is primarily given for depression (and recently, also to help smokers quit).

I had a really bad experience - increased anxiety, worsening of depression where everything seemed completely hopeless and I just wanted to die (called some friends and had them watch me, I was really afraid of being around my kitchen knife).

Wellbutrin is an antidepressant medication that has several on- and off-label uses. I know that it usually takes about 4-6 weeks for it to start working but I am quite worried about what's going to happen over the course of the next few weeks. I have trouble dealing with the side effects of Wellbutrin myself, unrelated to the sex drive, such as anxiety and nausea, emotional, etc.

In your case, maybe the Ritalin is treating your ADHD by stimulating your brain, and the Wellbutrin is treating your depression and helping the Ritalin. Has this happened to y'all and what is y'all experience?

Note: This document contains side effect information about bupropion. How does anyone make it through those 6 weeks alive then? Focus, recall, mood, and motivation all improved. But it did work otherwise and I hardly wanted to smoke at all while I was on it.It can take wellbutrin up to 8 weeks to start working. Because if it takes you 7 or 8 weeks to respond to wellbutrin it will probably take you that long on any other AD you try.

Every refill was different. So I'd say it's really unlikely that it will repeat ;).That effect of wellbutrin is expected during the first ~6 weeks of treatment. My dosage was 150mg a day.

First day was borderline euphoric.

I think this solves the mystery of why Reboxetine+Aniracetam is so acute and long lasting. Last night was really bad and I found myself feeling anxious to go back to sleep because of it despite feeling drowsy.

Depending on the dosage - and how you metabolize Welbutrin - it may add up to some significant dopaminergic stimulation in this region. These side effects started on day 2 of taking it and stopped the day after I stopped the drug - the only other thing I was taking were a multivitamin and coffee. Hyperventilating, had to go to emergency room because of this. How I deal with caffeine is I just don't drink coffee, or just drink a little good tea.Wellbutrin had the effect of making me more motivated/better attention, and more confident, but also more prone to fits of anger and depression. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts My first three months on it were probably the happiest I've had since my very early childhood.

I've been on 150mg Wellbutrin SR daily for about a month and a half. It would be a shame to start over when you may have been just a week or two from starting to get better and then have to wait several more weeks again.