The stuff is dirt cheap too when you get it generic.I'm happy as hell with this stuff. I know, I know, it sounds dumb...but seriously, go look at the Forbes top 100 richest men. I have the roller but don't use it much yet.Looks great! I know you mentioned below in the comments, but what is it you take daily? I was mortified (baldness runs in my family, and I saw first hand my older brother go through it in highschool), so I got on Propecia within the week. The side effects reported in the clinical trials were very very close to the same amount that were reported in the placebo group. Read the actual studies performed by reputable institutions and you will see how safe the treatment really is, and how rare side effects are. The site may not work properly if you don't If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit Press J to jump to the feed. I'm a 22 yo male with a quickly receding hairline and I've been on the line about propecia/finasteride for months now. Even if the hairs in front are thinner as you say, it's imperceptible just by the density you've recovered.Which nizoral and minoxidil did you use? But, at the time I'd been losing hair since I was 21. Sure there is probably a very small risk, but based on my experience, it's well worth it.Congrats OP on your experience, hopefully you continue to have success! You said it works better than other products? In those with hyper- staging. I think you posted about a month ago because that's how long I've been on it.I was afraid of the sexual side effects, but hell my libido has increased if anything (probably mental, but it hasn't decreased in the slightest).At any rate, I don't really have a thin spot yet. I am currently using a "generic" version of procepia(cheaper/easier to obtain) and using Procerin as well.Do you think it's necessary to get procepia, or does the generic brand do the trick as well?Have you heard of procerin? If I get on these meds to slow down the mpb that would be great! There are side effect risks, just like with every drug. Before getting on them, I was steadily and rapidly losing hair for about 2 years starting when I was 20/21, primarily around the front of my hairline with extremely thin hairs. It's about trying to help. !Im so glad to here from someone with these same problems. Reversing that trend on your follicles will help to thicken your hairs.I get generics from the pharmacy, but you have to have a doctor prescribe them to you first :-)So you convinced me to get on Propecia in one of your other Iama posts. I just started dermarolling in the front of my hairline a couple weeks ago so I’ll see if I have any success with that.The first few months on the big three and I hadn’t really noticed any changes and began to worry that it wasn’t going to work. Most of my friends my age have fine lines and wrinkles.Thanks for these posts. But I am hoping for this good of results!I just ordered Nizoral as well, hoping that help out!Thanks, good luck! 6 months into taking it, I noticed my hair was starting to thicken up dramatically.

Losing my sex drive would be devastating, but I'm honestly becoming depressed about my hair.Why have you posted so many times on this subject?
Balding sucks ass, and i'm thankful there is such a cheap and effective treatment available!I wonder if DHT has aging properties. I would probably just let it run its course. I almost got on Propecia, but got scared away because of the side effects. Your hair doesn't just "ploop" fall off and never regrow.

Do you or did you take anything natural to help? 2 years later (6 years ago), my boss commented on my "thin spot" that I didn't know I had. Propecia helps block the conversion of DHT in your body, and DHT is what is currently RAPING your hair follicles and causing them to shrink up. I got on all three around the same time after reading Rawtashk’s sticky and seeing how much success he had with the big three. Now, obviously there are exceptions to that, and I'm not saying that no bald man can ever be successful. Well, I haven't had any of them, and it's HIGHLY unlikely that you would either. I've seen those before and after pics in several other posts on reddit when searching propecia. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. But I wish there was something I could do to make it where I can get a shorter haircut without my head shining through my hair. While studies have indicated that vaping can help smokers quit, USC researchers say the health consequences of using a e … I've seen those before and after pics in several other posts on reddit when searching propecia.

I started on Propecia pretty much right away.

Most people I know on Propecia don't look their age and not just because of their hair. AMA!Yes, yes I do. I'd like to compare to myself so I know if our situations are somewhat similar.1: Because there are many people like you who are losing their hair...but don't know what to do about it. I technically take generic, but it's Proscar, which is a 5mg Finasteride (1mg of Fin is the only ingredient in Propecia) that I then cut into quarters with a pill splitter.I have heard of procerin, but I don't take it.
Partially because I don't have the money for them, and partially because it's a big step to take. My main reason is this: Also, let's say my baldness hit me at age 29 and I didn't have film aspirations. Keep us posted.