Please keep us posted on Herkie’s progress and findings.My cat was diagnosed with a UTI and blood in his urine. What's wrong?my toy poodle's penis is still stuck out after breeding. I would appreciate your help. Consult a physician if irritation develops or persists following ocular or dermal exposures. ?My 3yr old daughter fell on top of our 3 mo old kitten, she is limping and seems to be favoring her left hip. You can search for “___ killed my dog” (or cat), putting just about anything you want in the blank, and get thousands of hits. LynnYou are most welcome, Lynn.

I have tried touching the paw, having someone else do it, give treats, and benadryl (which didn't work for her). Been vomiting for 24 hours about 5 times not eating has diarrhea mucus in stool.My cat hasn't been eating or drinking water and the only place he will lay down is in the litter box, should I be concerned? Was on Clavamox and Orbax since then. The congestive heart condition was rated about a 5 on a scale from 1-6.My kitten was dewormed about four or five days ago (for the first time), and probably had worms prior to deworming, and now I think he's constipated. Of course, we don’t administer antibiotics to well patients, we give them to sick patients, many of whom are already lethargic. She has been slightly stressed ever since we were adopted by three 3wk old kittens 3 years ago, so that may be just what she needs.I am delighted that we were able to help. Been so worried and yesterday was the 4th time into the veterinarian in 2 weeks as it was 2 weeks to the day yesterday of her spay surgery. He is scratching and grooming his face to the point where the skin over his eyes is scabbed. 2 days ago she had terrible diarrhea (no blood but mucous), and vomiting all day until she vomited yellow bile. It also has lost the hair on the tip of the tail. the vet had her on NOVOX 75 mg and she seemed to get even worse.

What exactly is the best food for cats that are prone to this issue?

I only just noticed it when stroking her. He uses the litter box but also the bed. This is the first of anything like this. Please help I don't know if maybe she ate a lizard in our yard or what.

I removed the fentanyl patch and that seems to have helped slightly although she is clearly in discomfort still as evidenced by her whining. The vet suggested routine blood work and urine analysis and this showed us that she had elevated BUN and Creatine levels, along with elevated white blood cells – they explained that meant she had early renal/kidney failure then went on to tell me that they also found signs of an upper urinary tract infection and recommended an antibiotic to cure it. He was recovering from broken back legs when we got him at 6 months old.

Its been two days since the convenia shot, he is eating just the same and will get up to use the litterbox or eat no problems. Two of them are on both sides of lip by his fangs and one is in front of his fang. With the advice of my vet, we decided to go through a holistic recovery. I would appreciate your time to answer my questions.Thank youDo you give a methylprednisolone shot to a cat in the neck or on the back of leg? Please can you help me. He slips when he jumps down from places and avoids jumping up anywhere. He also diagnosed the skin by sight.

Not sure if that's normal since I have never owned a male dog. Your “regular” veterinarian may be more in tune with your wishes, having had a longer relationship with you. Any idea on what could possibly be wrong?My 3 year old pug has developed leisons on both of her eyes.

please help. Could Bartonella cause increased Ca++? i have a dog with cushing,s disease is there any thing i can do for him to help with the hot spells that he has thank youmy dog keep licking herself and her nipples are swollen and she's still spotting Do you think the Convenia will work for this bacterial infection in her urine as good as the pills? She is 10 years old and up to date on shots. Notwithstanding wild internet stories about both drugs to the contrary. She is no pain, and the goop coming out of it is not stinky (blood mixed with clear pus), but close to old scars from being fixed about 3 months ago and she had split her stitches and had to get restitched then, and just seems too close if you see what I mean.

Her back is hunched up a little near her rear and when she walks her hind legs cross. This is her 2nd UTI since we’ve come home from the shelter. Will she be okay?My dog slipped while going up stairs and now favors his rear right leg. My dog is 14 yrs, had bad reaction to lysodren, just want to make him comfortable, unfortunately we can't afford main treatment method.Yesterday my cat had an x-Ray of her hips. (although it doesn't seem to excessively itch). What should we do? My puppy is 14 wks old & ate 2 Hersey's kisses on Fri. Activity level is normal, no lameness/favoring of limbs, no change in appetite, nothing out of the ordinary except the spasms. Best wishes, Dr. Randolph.We had our cats laser declawed 2 weeks ago.