However, there is no clear … 1 0 obj Cost of tummy tuck surgery in Nigeria. Ectopic pregnancy (EP), ... Apart from treating the primary ectopic gestation, methotrexate can also be used for persistent ectopic pregnancy following tubal sparing surgery, as prophylaxis to reduce persistent ectopic pregnancy following salpingostomy, and in cornual and cervical pregnancies.

x���|1ê��p��tݝl�ٙ�gh���m�QJO����SVQ,�qz�E�H�:�KI����W/�~�]_^����y~�r��/�������Y�A�9? Deaths associated with ectopic pregnancy have declined, though approximately 75% of deaths in the first trimester and 9-13% of all pregnancy-related deaths are associated ectopic pregnancy. The patient is asked about symptoms of tubal rupture: vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, weakness, syncope.What is Tummy Tuck? Folic acid and multivitamins with folic acid should not be taken.The above regimen has the following outcome rates:  success rate of 90%; tubal patency 81%, total fertility 69%,  intra-uterine pregnancy 61 %, and repeat EP 8%.Three to 7 days after start of therapy, some patients develop severe lower abdominal pain which may last as long as half a day and may be difficult to differentiate from tubal rupture.It may be due to tubal abortion. <>

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Minimal abdominal pain Ultrasound scan …

<> Haemodynamically stable. i�=��1�KiLj��B���aE�T[�������֫�|s�\����oP��zXq\"���֐S�U�~*vQ���L�U�����nK4�\S��}����)��>�Ţ� ,�UN��g~xGRT|����s�3���},5�Ԑ^�PĦ��� �Ϙ"��?�*T�2G1��|��pL �sT(��ī�(ԍ���G�d���W)e��^���)��֯pά'�%�h��~�����PLHu p� %���� The following investigations are first performed – Full Blood Count and platelets, liver function tests and renal functions tests.2. A page on guidelines of using methotrexate in treatment of ectopic pregnancy, dosage of methotrexate in treatment of ectopic pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy (EP) is a condition in which the fertilized ovum implants in a site other than the endometrium of theThe management of ectopic pregnancy may be surgical or medical. The objectives of methotrexate therapy are to avoid surgery altogether, to cause less tubal damage and so retain fertility potential and to reduce management costs.

The patient is given a single dose of 50 mg/m2 intramuscularly.3. %з�]��/�w@)���!bN������2*J��E-��}`x�rߋY�b

3 0 obj Inclusion criteria for medical management of ectopic pregnancy with methotrexate Patient characteristics. Not breastfeeding or willing to stop Clinical features. <>>> Objective: To search for criteria which should be used to decide between medical treatment and conservative laparoscopic treatment of ectopic pregnancy.

Results: Results of medical and of conservative … The overall treatment success of systemic methotrexate for ectopic pregnancy, defined as resolution of the ectopic pregnancy without the need for surgery, in observational studies ranges from approximately 70% to 95% .