You can skip this step,do only if desired. when I fried them, all the masala went to the oil. This helps to reduce the bitterness of bitter gourd.Soak tamarind in warm water.

Serve this simple and tasty Karela sabzi with a Dal and Phulka for everyday meal. Keep aside. Heat kadai with oil and temper with the items given under the “Add the chopped  onions and fry till transparent.Add the snake gourd and fry for a minute and press it lightly and cook covered for 4 minutes. © ALL CONTENT, IMAGES, VIDEOS AND TEXT COPYRIGHTED BY HEBBAR'S KITCHEN - 2020karela chips recipe | bitter gourd chips | hagalkayi or pavakkai chips2 bitter gourd / karela / hagalkayi / pavakkai, sliced1 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder / lal mirch powder

;(I love this poriyal but unfortunately the snake gourd we get here are quite expensive and super moradu… raji, most of your recipes reminds me of my mom's. poriyal is my fav too..U made it well and retained the actual green color..this and kootu are the only two ways i make snake gourd Looks lovely, i love snake gourd but don't get good ones here.This is not my fav veggie, but still want to try ur version as it looks tempting I love this..recently only I prepared this and is der in my drafts…very colorful veggie naavery nice, i too like this a lot..But iam not getting this veggie here. The Karela Masala Sabzi is a delicious simple to cook recipe made from You can use the squeezed water to sprinkle it in between cooking. Hebbars Kitchen Kannada. Recent Post by Page. ... stuffed bitter gourd with step by step photo/video. In this karela sabzi, first steam the karela vegetable along with salt and turmeric powder. Last Modified On Wednesday, 06 June 2018 11:49 Stack two,three pieces and slice the snake gourd into thin crescents.Chop the onions finely,keep aside. oatmeal recipe (45 Views) besan bhindi recipe (54 Views) fruit salad recipe (28 Views)

But hardly find this veggie here.

Turn off the heat and release the pressure immediately by placing the cooker under tap water.

We should never squeeze out the vegetables even bitter gourd.Tried this recipe today..simply delicious even without squeezing water (just drained) and adding onions..thanks a lot..Hi liked your recipe, but instead of moong dhal, i love to add Kalla parupu(Split Bengal Gram) it adds more taste, and i dont like to drain out the water from the veg, coz we'll lose nutrients from it…i cook with the water to gain most of the nutritious value from the veg. ?The time we give for resting, and then cooking time is enough dear. spicy, karela recipes as side dish for dal rice or chapathi. Recommended for you. Bitter Gourd would have left some water. i have posted quite a few bitter gourd recipes in my blog and this recipe with gravy is the most popular and requested one. I also make it the same way except for onions! Once such awesome recipe is Pavakkai Pitlai. Love your illustration…How will snake gourd get cooked? This releases the pressure immediately.Once the karela is cooked, we will proceed to make the masala.Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a heavy bottomed pan; add in the onions, ginger and garlic in the pan.Saute on low to medium heat until the onions have become tender and the raw smell goes away.Once the onions are tender, add in the tomatoes and the remaining masalas, including amchur masala, garam masala,dhania powder, salt and red chilli powder.Stir fry until the tomatoes are partially cooked. Transfer the Karela Masala Sabzi into a serving bowl. bitter gourd stir fry recipe | hagalkayi palya | karela stir fry recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. !I make in the same way,but i never add onions.Looks quite interesting,especially the process before making the poriyalThis veg is one of my favourite, it is a real pity we don't get them here.Iam going to try this next time. do not squeeze the bitter gourd as the chips turns deep fry in hot oil. i have posted furthermore, some easy and important tips and suggestion for a perfect in a large kadai heat 4 tsp oil and splutter ½ tsp jeera, ½ tsp fennel, and few curry leaves.add ½ onion, ½ tsp ginger garlic paste and 1 chilli. do not over crowd the karela.finally, serve karela chips as a tea time snack or as a side dish with lunch. Archana Hebbar. We can also make pitlai with Brinjal, ash gourd … :(Simple and delicious Poriyal.Very difficult to get it here:(that's a fiber-rich delight; I love podalanga (snakegourds) and your menu for your friend is all perfect but where is the payaassam for the vadai, hehehehe?I do the same too with snake gourd,simple but yet a delicious poriyal..Thanks for the tip actually…I make it quite similarly…looks yummLooks perfect Raks, as always!

bitter gourd is known as 'kakarakaya' in telugu, 'pavakkai' in tamil, 'pavakka' in …