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Its ingredients not only even out the skin tone overall, but also lighten areas that have been heavily affected by dark spots.Alpha arbutin and hyaluronic acid work together in this concentrated serum to reduce hyperpigmentation. This serum earned top reviews across the board. Revitalift Bright Reveal Brightening Moisturizer with SPF 30 Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30Nicole Saporita is a senior editor at Good Housekeeping, where she researches, writes and reports original content for the Good Housekeeping Institute and several other departments including health, travel and family.

I give my skin credit for treating me nicely most of the time, but if there was one thing I would complain about If they annoy you as much as they annoy me, odds are you've done a bit of research to determine the best way to get rid of them. “Any at-home age spot-fading skincare product, like a serum, must be used daily as directed for at least four weeks, along with a broad-spectrum facial sunscreen SPF 30 or higher to allow it to work and prevent further damage,” explains Our experts suggest that when shopping for serums and moisturizers, look for terms like “brightening” and “skin tone-evening.” You should also look for products with ingredients like vitamin C (an antioxidant that brightens skin), niacinamide (vitamin B3, which slows pigment production), or hydroquinone (which inhibits an enzyme the produces melanin).Here are the dark spot-correcting products that topped our Beauty Lab's extensive tests, along with trusted A winner in our anti-aging serums test, this pick was This all-in-one daily moisturizer was the consumer fave in our Lab test and GH pros found it was the best at reducing visible spots over four weeks. Be sure to wear SPF while donning this product, which you should be doing anyway.

This face serum utilizes fruit enzymes to create even skin tones while targeting and minimizing dark spots.

Long-term, dark spots, redness, and uneven areas are treated for a smooth and even complexion.This serum, which targets discoloration, can be used on both the face and neck to treat dark spots. Enter: dark spot correctors. This product works fast, so you can see clear, even skin ASAP.This product uses only natural and organic ingredients to gently treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

It can be used twice a day all over the face for gentle yet effective brightening.With a high concentration of vitamin C—an ingredient praised for its ability to brighten and repair discoloration—this spot corrector works hard to eliminate dark spots. It can be used twice a day all over the face for an overall glow-boost.For acne-sufferers who tend to see the lingering ghosts of a pimple on their faces, this product works in two stages. Secondly, it shields the skin from future marks from appearing. Not only was it the best at reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles according to our Beauty Lab tests, at-home testers raved that A standout night cream in our Beauty Lab test, this earned the highest moisturization scores from consumers and boosted skin’s hydration by 33% over six hours in Lab evaluations. Not to mention, our chemists found it was the A facial peel is a great way to tackle dark spots since the chemical exfoliation helps renew the top layer of your skin, leaving the surface smoother and clearer.

Made with a high concentration of glycolic acid, Mary Kay’s peel earned the Great for taking on-the-go, these individual tubes were consumer faves in our Lab test. Sunspots, also known as liver spots or solar lentigines, are very common.Anyone can get sunspots, but they are more common in people with fair skin and those older than 40.

Not only does it work to heal dark spots, but it is also an anti-acne product to keep existing breakouts at bay.This night cream uses the natural powers of algae to lighten dark spots. So goodbye dark spots, hello clean and even skin.

Check out these 25 dermatologist-approved dark spot correctors, which use vitamin C, glycolic acid, retinol, and more to brighten dark spots on your face.

For women who are concerned about fine lines, loss of firmness, and aging spots, this is the cream for you.Short-term, this night serum refreshes the look of dull skin.

You probably can’t take these dark spots away by yourself but can surely reduce the impact with some remedies.

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