Recently he have breathing problem and doctor admitted in emergency and told heart functioning is 33% and fluids are in lungs. please tell us how many days we store in refreezeter for eating.can arjun tree bark is used for curing coronary artery blockageyes, decoct of bark of arjun tree is used for coronary artery blockageYes. I am an angina patient.Hi what is your website. Treat your heart like the ruler that it is by practicing a heart-healthy lifestyle.We ship internationally.

It also contains a valuable alkaloid, which is known as the arginine.Besides this, it has chemicals such as lactone, sugars, arjunetin and several essential oils.Below are some of the uses.Shortness of breath is generally seen in heart patients it is when the narrow coronary decrease the supply of oxygen to the heart.Terminalia Arjuna had a property that reduces narrowness of the blood vessels.It has a low-grade inflammation nature that reduces the deposited plaque in the blood vessels and thus helps in treating breathing troubles in heart patients.It can give best results when used in combination with other herbs as described under coronary artery disease heading.Arjuna can be very helpful in dealing with cardiovascular disease; it rectifies the functions of a left heart ventricle.It strengthens to the heart muscles and develops the heart’s capacity to pump the blood. 2. I am sure You can find arjuna powder on amazon. It is cooling in nature is also helpful in reducing aggravated pitta and ailments related to it.3. Healthy Arteries. The name ‘Arjuna’ is also well described in the ancient Indian script known as RigVeda and Atharvaveda.

my doctor combined the co q 10 therapy with nasal oxygen 2 1;2 litres a minute for an hour three times a day, with a five minute break at 1/2 hour. I want to order the arjuna to help with my high blood pressure. Due to old age, the Q10 levels start depleting in the body, which increases the cholesterol levels in the blood creating blockages in the arteries. If there is some residue after boiling, please filter it and then drink.My husband is taking Arjun ki chaal ka powder for now 2 months daily. Arjuna is considered a bit hot in temperament. Patanjali Divya Arjun Kwath is an Ayurvedic medicine from Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy. in my case heart is heriditory. doctor has advised me for open heart the bark of arjun in liquid form will reduce the chances of heart surgery.i am a heart patient since 1997 and am on medication –in 2015 i felt bad again and this time doctors put 2 stents –about three years back i came to know about ARJUN benefits to heart–this tree is very common in my country–so i started taking small pieces (about 1/4 size of a chewing gum) daily by simply chewing its bark piece slowly just like a chewing gum–i did it for about two weeks and my chest congestion improved–also i feel much better..i suggest every heart patient to try it out–also continue your normal heart medicines as prescribed by your doctor–i did not feel any side effects of ARJUN–i used to remove a small piece of arjun bark about 10 cm by 4 cm an remove the outer brown skin part of it and refrigerate the rest and consume it in above manner–i daily walk for 40 minutes for 5 days a week,am non alcoholic,non smoker,non diabetic–but please do take all other dietary precautions too–but try to avoid cholesterol lowering medicines for a prolonged period as it makes me like a zombie–this is my personnel experience only and as such does not constitute a binding prescription for others–Hello Khalid, I am on medication for the cholesterol and I really want to take healthy diet and I heard a lot about Arjun.

Its regular use reduce the chances of heart disease to the minimum.for my heart failure from cardiomyopathy i got major results from taking the ubiquinol form co q 10, (jarrow qh absorb from vita cost is the best price for quality i found. अर्जुन की छाल के लाभ हृदय रोगों के लिए - Arjuna Bark Benefits for Heart in Hindi Since all muscles surrounding the chest damaged (according to the doctor) any pain or discomfort are easily noticeable. In today’s world, being chased may be stressing to meet deadlines or rushing to get the kids to school, as the stress response in the body is comparable.The stress receptors in the heart have the job of processing the stress signals and then getting rid of the waste products from the signaled stress. Using Arjun Powder. many reports came back that they stop taking modern medicine, especially diabetes, BP and cholesterol patient.I have PAD and have calcification around femoral artery. Terminalia Arjuna has astringent effects. Arjuna’s cardioprotective actions help to protect the optimum functions of the heart and accelerate the healing process for cardiac injury.It is an herb that is generally used for prevention from Heart attack. The bark is used in the fresh white form as well as a dried form which is then made into a coarse powder and is brown in colour. Terminalia Arjuna alone may not be helpful to treat the coronary artery disease.But if used along with other herbs like Tamra Bhasma ,Shuddha Guggulu , Pushkarmool can work effectively to clear the blockage caused by cholesterin deposits.Terminalia Arjuna is an herb that has hypolipidemic and anti-atherogenic properties. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. Ironically, it is often a body system that is overlooked until it is in crisis. Arjuna is a well-known heart tonic, and treated as panacea for all the problems, diseases and disorders of heart. No wonder Rig Veda praised this tree 7000 years ago.My husband has atrial fib (did have atrial flutter immediately after triple bypass with one lung and complications of blood clots) and takes 4 mg two days and 5 mg five days a week.