Seafood lasagna recipes tend to be more delicate and aromatic than their meaty counterparts.A vegetarian lasagna might contain a meat substitute such as tofu or it might feature plenty of tasty vegetables instead. This rich and filling dessert is often served in small squares on a dark chocolate sauce-drizzled dessert plate.

We love layers, but these lasagna rolls are worth breaking tradition. That said, it’s still important to watch your oven timer and to ensure that you’re baking your lasagna for the proper duration. Baked to a golden brown, each piece packs a crunch.


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Enjoy the flavour and texture of lasagna in half the time with easy skillet version. Your whole family will adore this dish, which is like a savoury version of French toast.

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Bake until golden and bubbly.

Sprinkle some shredded mozzarella and bake until golden.

Giada's simple skillet lasagna is filled with spicy Italian sausage and broccoli rabe layered between no-boil noodles, a blend of cheeses, and jarred marinara.

This delicious meatless dish combines fresh herbs, veggies and a blend of cheeses for a great make-ahead meal you can just toss in the oven any night of the week.

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Boiled noodles release a layer of starch, which helps the sauce, cheese and other lasagna accouterments adhere to the pasta.

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Absolutely nothing. Different Types of Lasagna Recipes - Easy & Fast Recipes

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Try it and you may never go back to traditional baked lasagna again.

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Giada makes her classic Italian lasagna with béchamel sauce, ground beef, ricotta, spinach and a simple tomato sauce.

Delicious vegetarian lasagna is packed with healthy greens and lots of cheese.

Learn more in the Comment Policy section of our If you just layer fresh eggplant, summer squash, and zucchini into a lasagna, you're going to end up with something closer to a soup than a casserole.