But more importantly, if I had not made this thread and gotten some these responses I would've most likely gone through with the cycle (and fucked it up), so thank you.I am still interested in learning more about steroids seeing as the best thing I can do is research over the next 3 years in addition to my training and diet, are there any books you guys could suggest? but if you're gunna do it no matter what then run a 12 week, 500mg/wk test-e cycle with nothing else since it's your first cycle. thank you. Take 1-2 weeks to let the test go out of your system then run a post cycle therapy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

Von BIKE BILD getestet: E-Faltrad DAHON E-VIGOR Dieses Rad ist wendig. You could double the doses to get a lower end deca cycle and only be spending around $150-$200 for the test and deca - if you're paying much more than that you're probably getting ripped off.too early for gear.

Over the last month I’ve done a lot of studying and have learned a lot from this site. I know I’m overweight but I domt care either way. Ok, so in about a month's time I plan to start my first ever Test (250mg a week) & Deca (200mg) cycle for the course of 12 weeks, I have a source but was wondering what is the average price for the full cycle including a proper liver support?

No AI, no pct, poor diet, and I’m guessing almost zero research before you started.

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So yeah, I’m guessing that may have had something to do with the lack of benefits from your cycle.It sounds like you did everything you could to sabotage your cycle.

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What workout program were you on?I’m not being a dick but 20-30lbs to a lift isn’t really that great on a cycle imo…1st cycle 500 test if you gained 20-30lbs & lifts went up 50 that would be something…I actually lost 15lbs, but I have a fair amount of body fat.

On a lot of forums the first cycle advised to new steroid users is 10-12 weeks.

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For this reason, you may go up to 16–20 weeks. Die Reichweite ist fast mit der des Tern identisch. So if you decide to run another one you should probably try to do the opposite of what you did this time and maybe your results will be better. Der VIGOR vereint die Leichtigkeit … What I’m asking is are these gains normal for a 1st cycle?Did you gain any muscle mass during the 10 weeks? We probably talked for about 25 minutes last time and it was so long ago.Thank you so much for this ❤️how bad would it be to not study at all until the test? And I will work on losing weight before next cycle.

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I pinned 250mg on mondays and Thursdays.

Are they a test to Humanity? Between now and then eat & lift & cardio with sense…get down to 13% bf…Thinking of 600 test per week and maybe 25-30 dbol daily.

but if you're gunna do it no matter what then run a 12 week, 500mg/wk test-e cycle with nothing else since it's your first cycle. If your diet was good you would not have had to ask that question.You had excess body fat and you didn’t run an AI, which is not a great combination. 10 weeks is slightly too little.

They also usually let you add info on tests so they would see a brief note explaining you wanted to wait to take to the test and put your best foot forward.

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