All rights reserved. (That’s a talking point in the anti-statin circles but I have not researched it in depth) – figure you might know off the top of your head. Brain volume changes were the same in statin users and in those who never used the drugs. ( Please note, he has published and presented literally hundreds of case studies and primary research in the US and internationally.) Even if your doctor prescribes statins, these medications aren’t a replacement for healthy habits.Yes, but it depends on the cause of the memory loss.
Statins are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs for high cholesterol in the United States. Other reported risks and side effects include:A variety of other medications and conditions can cause memory loss. Published: August, 2015. A large Australian study found no association between cholesterol-lowering statins and memory or thinking problems.Over six years, researchers periodically measured mental acuity in 1,037 men and women aged 70 to 90. However, if patients knew they were taking statins, reports of muscle-related side effects in particular increased dramatically, by up to 41 per cent.I thought my experience and perspective on statins and cognitive function might be useful for a wider audience of patients to hear so I agreed to be interviewed. Some large studies have shown no effect, and have implied that statins pose no threat to short-term memory and may, in fact, prevent dementia. The vast majority (98%) were Caucasian and the mean education was 11.8 years. If you have high levels of LDL cholesterol, it can cause blockages in your blood vessels that may lead to a Statins come in pill form. A large Australian study found no association between cholesterol-lowering statins and memory or thinking problems. Talk with your doctor if you suspect memory loss from the use of statins. While statin users have reported memory loss to the FDA, studies haven’t found evidence to support these claims. A 2015 study found that a small group of patients taking statins experienced amnesia. You should not stop taking the medication on your own.Like most medications, statins do have side effects.

If the patient was experiencing muscle aches and they return we are most likely dealing with a patient with statin related myalgias. I would refer you to my post entitled “fThere is no scientific evidence to suggest statins cause dementia.I have immense respect for his honesty, lack of bias, and his courage to be outspoken . Manufacturers of these products commonly imply benefits that have never been confirmed in formal clinical studies.” Forty-five percent of patients had incomplete cognitive testing data. Others have found an association between statin use and memory loss … However, I won’t be posting anecdotes outside of my practice. If on the fence about whether to take or not as I’ve written about on this site a fair amount it is a good idea to get more information on your true risk. 2. Truth be told, although I have been taking a statin for many years, the reassuring data from the studies sited isn’t what I appreciate the most. The best way to improve heart health is through lifestyle changes, such as exercise and eating a well-balanced diet. Statin use was not associated with differences in brain volume measures.In a cohort of community-dwelling elderly Australians, statin use was not associated with changes in memory or global cognitive decline, or changes in brain structure. There were 1,037 subjects included in the analyses. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Some statin users have reported that they experienced memory loss while taking the medication. Observational studies suggest that noncompliance with statins significantly raises the risk of death from heart attack.The reasons for patient noncompliance, Nissen goes on to say, can be related to the promotion of totally unproven supplements and fad diets as somehow safer and more effective than statin therapy:When a patient tells me they believe they are having a side effect from the statin they are taking (and this applies to any medication they believe is causing them side effects), I take their concerns very seriously.