Your doctor might recommend preventive medications if you have frequent, long-lasting or severe headaches that don't respond well to treatment.Preventive medication is aimed at reducing how often you get a migraine headache with or without aura, how severe the attacks are, and how long they last. If any of these symptoms become severe please consult your health-care provider.Also in rare occurrences, rituximab can cause a drop in blood counts and/or cause problems with the kidneys, bowels, heart and lungs. Options include: Blood pressure lowering medications.

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Rituximab requires only two infusions, scheduled two weeks apart. Your health-care provider may also recommend taking acetaminophen and an antihistamine (e.g., diphenhydramine) before the infusion.

Your health-care provider will monitor for these effects.Take rituximab as prescribed and contact your health-care provider if you have any concerns while taking the medication.Your health-care provider will recommend taking medications prior to your infusion to help prevent infusion reactions.Your health-care provider may order periodic blood tests to check your blood counts and to follow the activity of your arthritis.This information was last updated November 2017, with expert advice from:Standardized Assessment of Joint Inflammation (SAJI) 2. Propranolol beta-1 & beta-2 blocker (non-selective) Coreg. RITUXimab depletes CD20 B cells Non-TNF biologic.

What happens if I miss a dose?

Inclusion criteria: previous infusion of rituximab without grade 3 or 4 toxicity, lymphoid cells <5 × 10 9 /L and rituximab dose of 375 mg/m 2. + When This Medicine Should Not Be Used: This medicine is not right for everyone.