He was on it for about one year. Some of these are:In addition to these side effects, Risperdal can have some very dangerous results, including:Aside from the weight gain, all of these can be dangerous or deadly. We had one ER visit and now numerous medical expenses due to the diabetes.

A cardiologist did an emergency angioplasty and angiogram for coronary artery disease.

Even after losing over 75 pounds and becoming thin, the breast lump is still very noticeable.

Dalimonte Rueb Stoller did an amazing job with my case. Most of the causes of their death involve the following:Although there has not yet been an exact cause identified, there is clearly a link between Risperdal and death in older dementia patients.Risperdal has been known to cause problems for years. Gynecomastia changes hormone production levels in patients. Almost all of these cases had to do with improper marketing of Risperdal to children. Risperdal has not been approved for the treatment of dementia in the elderly. However, for the most part, doctors and patients were warned of these side effects. You’d think this would be enough to get them to change their behavior. Went from under weight to overweight, stretch marks everywhere, enlarged breasts. In fact, Risperdal lawsuits have been filed as early as 2001. My family and doctor didn't understand diabetes so I got another complication, diabetic neuropathy in my left leg. A 2019 Risperdal lawsuit ended in an $8 billion verdict against the company. The criminal charges allege that Janssen promoted Risperdal to elderly dementia patients as a treatment for anxiety, agitation, depression, hostility, and confusion. Shortly after, and even as I was taking the drug, I started to gain weight and develop male breasts. The company was ordered to pay hundreds of millions in damages.If you or a loved one took Risperdal and suffered any serious side effects, you may be entitled to damages. His pediatrician has scheduled an appointment for him to see a surgeon due to developing enlarged breasts from taking this horrible drug. He is 18 now and was suicidal through middle and high school. For a young man, going through life with breasts can be embarrassing and pure torture.Boys with gynecomastia tend to suffer from depression, eating disorders and other mental health issues. When my husband died I tried to kill myself.

Risperdal Class Action Lawsuit .

International sales of the drug are well over $30 billion.Recently, however, there has been concern over Risperdal. It was not.By 2012, there were lawsuits pending in 36 different states.

This vet lost a lot of weight after (17) yrs w/o any dose modifying; developed pneumonia, extra-pyramidal symptoms, heart QT disturbance then I have the ultimate Risperdal tale of woe. However, doctors continued to prescribe the drug to young people with autism and other psychological disorders.To date, Johnson and Johnson and other defendants have paid over $5 billion in settlements and legal fees. They told me it was for my mood.

This was never the intended use for the drug. My daily life is miserable. They have problems concentrating in school and withdraw from extra-curricular activities.Boys aren’t the only ones who are filing suit against Johnson and Johnson. I have lost almost all of my confidence, and I've become very insecure and withdrawn facing rejection every day.Our 15-year-old son was on Risperdal but due to the severe side effects, we took him off this drug. Risperdal can cause strokes in elderly patients with dementia and breasts in men.

In fact, Risperdal lawsuits have been filed as early as 2001. When someone is diagnosed with either schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or autism, they may be prescribed Risperdal. Under terms of the plea agreement, Janssen will pay $400 million.

My back is in pain from hunching over trying to hide the lump. Risperdal has been known to cause problems for years. He does have larger breasts than normal. Stayed in therapy the entire time. They kept me informed throughout the process and earned me a settlement I never thought possible! I have developed male breast tissue that can only be taken out by surgery. My nights are miserable. They put me on this medication as a mood stabilizer.

He also gained an enormous amount of weight in a very short period of time, which caused severe stretch marks all over his body, even in the bends of his arms.

They are bullied and tend to isolate socially. © 2020 Dalimonte Rueb Stoller All Rights Reserved | How is a Mass Tort Case Different from a Class Action Lawsuit? They’re also prescribing it to elderly people with psychological issues and dementia.Like most drugs, Risperdal has some side effects. I never had them before. That is, aside from gynecomastia.Gynecomastia is when young males develop female features, specifically breasts. sounds like someone got paid to drop it.i need a lawyer who will fight fight fight.I was treated for schizophrenia and I did not have it and also bipolar and I did not have that I had PTSD and the doctors knew it and they tried to detain me in a psychiatric ward buy gallahue mental health dr. DA and dr. KJ Abilify and I was having troubles sleeping and it kept me awake or for 5 days once dr. A found out I had PTSD he tried to have me put in that to the psychiatric ward and give me Abilify and other psychiatric medications and they will want to join me physically can you help doors Im trying to find a lawyer to take my case.I was taking generic risperdone an my doctor notice that my breast had enlarge.an he diagnos me with gynecomastia.The PHX VA forced Risperdal on a vet who refused It. They were ordered to pay fines of $1.2 billion.

It's when males develop breast tissue. I have medical records on when I was on the drug and I have medical records diagnoising me with gynecomastia or however you spell it. Research actually shows problems with marketing for the drug dating back even further.As early as 1994, Risperdal has been marketed as a drug intended for small children. He took for about 8 months and had to be weaned off through therapy sessions.