The symptoms ceased almost immediately. Metocloprami… Then the worst feeling I’ve ever felt came over me, I had this since that I had to get out of there right then and there, the “walls” were closing in on me, I felt like I was going to die, it just felt like I was doomed, and nothing could stop me from dying she tried to tell me that it was the medication and offered to give me a “happy” pill, but I wasn’t trying to hear that, because in my head, I felt like if I went under I wasn’t going to wake up, I’ve had open heart surgery and I don’t recall feeling that way at all!” Although most studies have found no adverse effects in breastfed infants during maternal metoclopramide use, many did not adequately observe for side effects. I became extremely anxious … ... but the gastrointestinal motility drugs metoclopramide (Reglan) and domperidone (Motilium) are most commonly used off-label as galactagogues. It definitely increases prolactin, the hormone which stimulates breast milk production and is often used off label, but the actual effect on improving the amount of breast milk production is not consistent. There are so many other ways to increase lactation than resorting to this drug. The drug worked - it increased my milk supply - but at a very high cost. Because of medical legal reasons and the FDA’s position we do ask that our patients sign an informed consent disclosure.The contents of this website, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained within the site (“content”) are for informational purposes only. It is a very powerful drug and I am crossing my fingers that I won't have twitches for the rest of my life. I ended up in the ER and had to get under psychiatric care. I have seen lots of reviews about depression so please be careful!” Significant, involuntary facial muscle contraction is a major concern with long-term use of Reglan.

The other reviews are accurate as well. The medication is specifically used for stomach problems as well, but has been used off-label by thousands of breastfeeding mothers to increase milk production.The medication increases prolactin, which in turn stimulates milk production.

Be very careful taking this medicine.” A … Reglan is a gastrointestinal prokinetic medication. “I took this four times a day for four months and it greatly increased my milk production and had no side effects .” I peed myself in my sleep! Reglan (Metoclopramide) is a medication specifically used for stomach problems. Metoclopramide in milk samples taken 1 to …

Then I stopped sleeping. “It increased my milk supply but also made me quite drowsy.

“I was given Reglan off label to promote the progesterone hormone to increase my breast milk supply after my son was born. The erythromycin he was given only gave him diarrhea, and was still puking. With good breastfeeding habits and techniques mom is usually able to produce more than adequate amounts of breast milk. The horror of a side effect lasted about 2 weeks. It is black boxed labeled for tardive dyskinesia in Canada and in the US.

See more about . One such medication is Reglan, a drug originally created to ease gastrointestinal pain and nausea.

In studies where breastfeeding women do see a milk increase from Reglan they experienced an increase of 50 to 100 percent. Please do not take this drug, especially just to be able to breastfeed your baby. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding” (Harper-Collins, 2000). I was at work one day and had a wave of fear and anxiety overcome me to the point I had to be hospitalized. Reglan . West D, Marasco L (2009), The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk, McGraw Hill, USA. They need way more research for this because the 2 options you give to these people are garbage… The medication works by raising levels of prolactin, which helps increase the production of breast milk.You should call your healthcare professional immediately if you experience any of the following side effects:You should tell your healthcare professional if any of the following side effects don’t go away:For increasing breast milk supply, the recommended dosage of Reglan is 10 mg, 2 or 3 times per day for 7 to 14 days.Domperidone is usually started at a dose of 10 mg, 3 times per day.Before taking Reglan, you should tell your healthcare professional if you have or have ever had:Before taking Domperidone, you should tell your healthcare professional if you have or have ever had:Reglan may interact in a negative way with the following medications:Domperidone may interact in a negative way with the following medications:You shouldn’t consume alcohol while taking these medications or breastfeeding.Both medications may harm an unborn baby if you use them during late pregnancy.Both drugs increase milk supply by increasing prolactin release from the pituitary gland. I haven't done that since I was a kid!