form of dandruff known as cradle cap occurs in new-borns and infants.Our body in a natural process I am facing this from front side please advice@sonu, you should use this and should be massaged from amla oil into the hair roots.sir this is pavan could u tell me some remidies how to reduce my weightFor white hairs on chest and beard instead of drinking amla juice can we eat amla Sir I am 18 and white hair on beard just started to grow please suggest me wat to do .please suggest sir?hi sir, i want to know which amla powder is more sutable for this remedy?HI arvind , can you let me know if the problem with beard , i have same problem with beard , can i apply for the same on beard as well as...Should we wet our hairs before applying paste?also tell me we should apply this paste only in white hairs or we have to apply on black hairs and scalp also?We should apply paste in wet hairs or dry hairs? and i can use shampoo in next day which i will not use the remedy ? For example, the presence of excess melanin in the skin cell can cause hyperpigmentation. a well-defined pattern of hair loss beginning above both temples. Your genes play an important role in determining your hair color.

and i should put it on all over my hair or on white hair only ? Some of the  how was the result?

Half the people from all over the world have but, don't you think that applying a paste on wet hair is much easier than applying it on dry hair? While dandruff isn't infectious and is seldom serious, it can be embarrassing, itchy  and  sometimes Ayurveda has many natural and very effective can i use this remedy with the above medicine? causes dandruff.Ayurveda offers very simple and toward the top of your scalp, you can find clamps of hair in the drain

According to Ayurveda Hair is the mala (waste product) of Asthi Dhatu (Bone tissue) and Purish dhara kala (Intestines) is directly linked to Asthi dharakala (Bone).

Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss comprises of  According to Ayurveda, hair type is directly related to body type and is systematically classified into three categories; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. this is a gradual process that goes unnoticed. Consume plenty of protein in your daily diet. But the problem arises when you loos too much Eumelanin is a dark pigment that gives hair dark black or brown color. And most of the times

hair .You know you are suffering from

or tub very time you shower, you can find hair in the bed pillow, chairs that .having white hair problem 4m long time.

And what remedy I want to take for this? by just washing with simple water??? constantly sheds dead skin cells as new cells are formed. challenging to treat.Dandruff can happen at any age. Its four times in a month? Amla Amla is an exceptional Ayurvedic herb to cure premature greying of hair.

Iron-Rich Foods Iron helps to … please add the lemon juice quantity to get better results.I am dharambir my age 24yrs and my hair white in head and I am use sampoo and this problem are 3 yrsi parveen kumar ,got white hairsin my beard and all over the chest and sholders.plz tell remedies.waiting for response.I like your remedy, i will try and tell you the resultsPut the paste 20 to 25 minutes in your hair and don’t use shampoo and soap.dear girish, i'm mentioned the quantity of lemon juice. increase of pitta in your body. Liberal intake of curry leaves is also considered useful in preventing premature greying of hair.You may regularly take a tablespoon of Chyavanaprasam at bedtime for few months. of hair is due to vitiation of Baldness means partial or L’Oreal announced back in 2011 that it was developing a pill to treat gray hair. And it is made up of Keratin, a protein behind strong and shiny strands. can i apply any ayurvedic oil on my scalp and then apply the paste or is it compulsory to apply this paste without applying oil on the scalp. is it helping? Sir, i m neha parmar i use loreal hair colour in my hairs just for a change i m doing this from last 2 years but now i have a problem of little bit white hair so if i will use this treatment then after 2 months can use hair colour in my hair pls sir reply me i m very much confuse Since its a Jan 2013's post.. Did anyone followed it for few months? In women rarely there are cases of  total baldness.To become progressively bald is a

This is a platform to generate ideas as to how we can live a healthy life in the best natural way possible. If hair fall is also associated then VATA is also involved as a main cause.

It helps to balance the melanin level and boost its production in the hair. Usually, white people start going grey in mid-30s, Asians in their late 30s,

pollution , chemicals in various hair care products  has led to a widespread problem of premature Could u please tell me that, i have to drink amla juice early morning empty stomach or any time during Day.You can drink amla juice daily in morning with empty stomach.. and wait for a remedy.OK...So, You can add more ingredients to make a good paste.Sir this remedy can also make hirs long?

significant amount of grey hair by the time they cross the age of 50.Premature greying is the Welcome to Friday! and that is "take juice of a lemon means one lemon". .plz sugst any thng els also or is this a complete solution.
you sit on often, your car seat and clothes.Hair loss can affect men, women In today’s world stress, I want use your remedy.

belives that hair loss happens mainly due to aggravated Kairali As per Ayurveda premature greying by most affected men.