Just look at what the 787 went through. Applications. Perfect for flats boats and other shallow water fishing boats where weight is a premium. Depending on your trolling motor watt.

Description ; Additional information ; Description. Lithium batteries designed for marine use employ LiFePO4 technology.Lithium Pro is at upper price range for 12-volt lithium batteries. I am seeing more and more lithium batteries come up these days. I ran it all day with no loss in power. They sell lithium chargers for their batteries starting at $79.Not all lithium marine batteries makers require that you use lithium battery chargers. “My Relion batteries cut 120 pounds out of the back of my boat. The most significant of these benefits is longer lasting power. CCA. Dakota Lithium batteries provide consistent power for all 100 amp hours. Copyright © 2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Dakota Lithium LiFePO4 batteries will provide double to triple the run time, will need to be replaced less often, and weight 60% less than deep cycle lead acid batteries. At the end of the day I can put them all on charge and just a few hours they’re 100% charged and ready to roll again.

And, a lithium battery may be discharged and charged five or more times than conventional marine deep cycle batteries. Three of their M3110 12-Volt 110 AH batteries cost nearly $6,000.However, professional anglers who run Lithium Pro batteries employ a less expensive option. I don't know, but all the news stories of lithium batteries catching fire - from hoverboards to sneakers to 787's, I wouldn't want one of those things anywhere near my boat. Plus twice the power of lead-acid batteries at half the weight. (Sorry its long winded but its ALLOT … The 36V 60Ah Trolling Motor Lithium Battery Kit includes everything that you need to upgrade any 36 volt trolling motor to lithium power. They claim it gives 98% output right until it's stops The Boating Forum - 36v Lithium Trolling Battery REVIEW - I figured I would do a review on my new trolling motor, battery and charging system since before I bought it I didn’t find allot of info to help with my purchase.

LiFePO4 stands for Lithium Iron Phosphate, which is the safest of the technologies being used to make lithium batteries. Even with the cost being on the high side, it makes for a great option for those of us, where weight and space is a concern. Replace THREE Group 31 marine AGM batteries with ONE M3165-36 Lithium-ion battery. Worth every penny! Ditto what the OP said. A Lithium Pro 36v and their big 12v. The 36V 60Ah Trolling Motor Lithium Battery Kit includes everything that you need to upgrade any 36 volt trolling motor to lithium power. He claimed that his cranking battery can power his livewells, five graphs and radio all day with no problem.“I’ll never again run lead acid batteries,” Walters said. Suitable for trolling, electric propulsion, bow thruster and all your electric or hybrid marine needs.If you don´t find the Specific Battery above that you would like, drop us an email and we will quote a The LBS marine battery cases are IP55 certified. Weight. Great write up thanks for posting, I will be switching from AGM's to Lithium sometime soon when the prices start to come down. Gain the ability to troll all day and monitor your charge levels via the Victron iPhone app. Three 100 Amp Hour (AH) lithium batteries in a series will power a trolling motor running at the same speed roughly twice as long as a series of three conventional 100 AH marine batteries.Conventional marine batteries lose voltage as they are drained, which causes a trolling motor to gradually lose thrust.